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Bronco axle upgrade and brakes


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October 24, 2009
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Irwin (Near Pittsburgh) PA
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97 X, 89 Bronco II
I'm upgrading my 89Bronco II front axle is from a 94Ex and the rear axle is front a 97 mountaineer disc brakes. Can someone tell me if I need to upgrade my master cylinder and vacuum booster. I've read yes and no. If someone has done this upgrade can you tell me what you used and how it's working. Thanks

Seems that some haven't had an issue with using their stock setup but then some say they have to, you really shouldn't have to unless you're already experiencing problems with it.

I still have the stock MC on my BII ('99 Ex rear axle). Seems to be fine, I've had no issues with it.

I've heard in the past that if you have rear ABS, you shouldn't need to change masters.

Thanks for that reply. I will keep the 89 Bronco's MC and Booster and only change it if there is a problem.