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Bronco II alignment problems.

Bronco II Dixon

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March 14, 2009
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1990 Bronco II
I just recently jacked up my 1990 bronco II up two inches. When i got it back, the front tires were laid in at the bottom. I have been looking for axle pivot braackets for my application but have had no luck. Everything i have found is for explorer, ranger, f-150. ANy ideas?

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread to the BII section.

How did you "jack it up"

spacers or springs?

You now have + camber
You need camber alignment shims, if its a 2wd you can correct camber up to 3.5 degrees
on a 4x4 up to 2.75 degrees

2" of lift should be right at the maximum correction without the need of axle pivot brackets

Your Bronco II has the same front end as 84-97 Rangers, any lift kit for a Ranger will fit a BII

Rough Country makes some axle pivot brackets with eccentric cams to help you even more, but I suggest getting some maximum correction camber shims, install them, then take it in for an alignment, if indeed you did a 2" lift over stock, thats all that should be needed. If you installed new springs, you may want to wait a bit for them to settle, or make a deal with the alignment shop for a second adjustment when they do