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Bronco2guy stomping grounds weekend bash. Ideas??


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August 31, 2008
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St. Joseph, MO
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97 1 ton Jeep
Update Date set is March 19-21\


Directions, Linn, MO, 65051
---Coming from Jeffcity area on Hwy 50 going East, come into Linn on left side of the road you will pass McDonalds, pay attention at this point getting close, continue of Hwy 50 and on your right side of the road make right turn onto Hwy U, a large cemetery sits on the left side of the road.
---Coming from the east, like Union, MO, coming to Linn, come thru town on hwy 50, and 50 will be real straight all the way thru town, then hwy 50 will make sharp right hand corner and start to go down hill, on your right will be large cemetery, to your left is Hwy U, take left, if you get to a McDonalds on your right you have gone to far.
---Now once your on Hwy U, its maybe about 1 & 1/2 miles roughly down Hwy U on your left side, you will just get to dip in the hill, take 2nd driveway, between to big white Pillars. Several large farm buildings are very visable from the road. Green/white buildings.
This is where my brothers shop is at and start of the trails, we will try and get everyone parked in this lot.

This thread is a feeler thread for private weekend of offroading on our farm in Linn, MO with friends! We have 600 acres to romp around on. if interested post up what vehicle you have and mods so have idea of trail difficulty you can run. Non lifted rigs with good tires and a limited slip can get thru most trails if it is dry out. Using bypasses.
We also can ride UTVs, plan is to have massive bonfire one night, with running trails all day saturday , into an evening run.
We can wheel sunday also, for those not to far from home. Repairs and welding can be done onsite, so little more comfort than offroad park.
It will be myself, brother, and local friends

For you early birds coming in friday, lets plan on doing quick check of the trails, rig maintance and inspection, get setup for staying at the house, and then plan on little later dinner at 7:15pm local Pizza/Wings/Beer joint in town

Then Saturday breakfest at my house around 7:00 am - Biscuits & Gravy

To the farm by 8, to start the gathering.
Hopefully everyone is there by 9 and line up for group photos, then hit the trails until around lunch time, all drive into town less than 2 miles hit Subway for lunch. Then back to the trails all afternoon, stop around dinner for BBQ.

Followed with night runs, ending with sitting around bonfire

For those that stick around Sunday, just goofing around. Nothing planned

Other simialr threads to this one:!/event.php?eid=344837528899&ref=mf

Official date is in March 19/20/21

Signed up::: Edited Feb 11th, please advise if still wanting to attend
1. Bronco2guy:

2. BK2Molester

3. Local - Weston:

4. GmanPaint:

5. Chad551

6. Canceled -someone fill his spot :)

7. sparksaflyn
SAS 1st gen 4dr Explorer

Non Members attending, but we can work on the member thing :)
8. Local- Verdo Twins
Fullsize Bronco

9. Explorer from Jeffcity

10. Pathfinder from JeffCity

11. Cherokee from Jeffcity

12. Older CJ from Eldon

13. Old rusty Chevy lol the said, from near Dixon

about 5 other maybes

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Few pictures of trail obstacles:




Also extensive work is going into trails to make them more vehicle friendly and bypasses to all extreme obstacles will be available.

Turdle -I'm actually really hoping you and the wife can come!
also rethought amount of people addtl 5-10 rigs would prolly be ok just have to see how things go and who all is interested. Your white explorer would do great out here! Also have field were gonna do drag racing in, so mounty would be fun for that??? If i still have my red truck I would like to give u a run.

Can my son and I come play?? We just bought this truck and are bring it home after truck haven.

Were good friends with Sheri's and I'll claim trudle as well. We for sure didn't buy this truck to drive it on the streets. And I would love to see your little red truck in person.


Sparksaflyn, I think your rig would be a capable veh at our place, so yes you can, I would be glad meet you all. Everyone must have insurance on their vehicles and we will do some sort of liability waiver but other than that, sounds like a good plan.
-Hopefully red ranger is gone by then. but will see??

Thank you!! Liabitiy Ins. yes and I for sure have no problems with the wavier.

I'll even push turdle a little to help him get ready. And if not maybe he'll come with me. I'll even let him drive..... once lol!

Just let us no for sure on the date and I'll see if I can make it. Thanks!

Yes, date doesnt need to be set yet, we are pretty flexible, we do this almost every weekend in winter, but just our lil group. AS this thread progress's since it lil early we can set more things in stone, I want to be a good host and make it worth eveyones drive.

Of course I am coming....duh!

I will be up there to help groom the trails as well before hand. I know what it takes, and it is a lot of manual back breaking labor to keep the trails open from over growth, plus making new trails is a lot of work. Glad to pitch in.

Can we come? :) I'd really like to have my SAS done by then and come and play! :roll:

SVO yes u all can come run trails but how about we see that 60 under it for when you come.

That's what I'm tryin' for! The Sterling and doubler, too! :D

hmm, u could have a good time with it setup like that!

I am in for sure brad... Also sent you a PM with another cell phone number. My work has been getting pissed because I dont use their provided phone. And text messages will not forward.

Humm, if the B2 is done by then, I'd trailer it down. It'd be D60/Sterling welded rear on 36-37's.

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Dang, I might be out of my league here but I would be honored if I could. Any plans on a timeframe, cause the SMORR run will be my last longer trip of the year.