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Brookline Run PICS 11/30/03


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April 27, 2002
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Bridgewater, MA
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08' Civic SI FA5
Well it was my first run in the wilderness "bringing my X farther than it was ever engineered to go" (as Fred put it)... and I made it out alive. I had a blast even though I ended up ripping off my valence **damn stocker** I can't wait until next summer when I get to put my equipment on the truck. Thanks for everyone who helped me along. Anyways, here are some pics (I have some short vids too if anyone wants to host them). Feel free to add your own because I know there were some good ones :D


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Fred and friend...


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rydinhigh's stuck of the day :D


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This guy needs no introduction ;)


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Look! Over there! It's a bear! It's a moose! It's crazy Fred!! :D



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Fred showing V8BoatBuilder how its done...


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Sorry the one above is horrible quality, I'm having problems getting these huge pics under the byte limit :rolleyes:


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Rydinhigh in style ;)


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You can see my carnage zip-tied back together (thanks guys:p ) up front... Too Clean! :rolleyes:


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Some scenery...


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I'll be posting my pics soon - and I have plenty of room to host files/movies.

In brief, the trip was amazing, it was my first time really offroad, and with only shackles in the back I was quite impressed with how the AWD did. More to come...

Thanks Everyone - couldn't have made it as far without you. Especially our "Trail Guide" Fred. :cool:

Nice pics. I'm still bummed that I wasn't able to be there, but at least I'm in one piece, and that my Explorer took alot of punishment and still came out on top with minor damage. :)

Looks like you all had fun, I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it up but i need to work some i can afford some new tires. If/when Fred get's another run together I'll definantly get my jersey azz up there. :)

Hey guys some the pics i took came out pretty good, but my comp is not happy i"ll get the pics on this week.

NOTE: Quicktime Required

I found that I have some space on my Comcast server and probably some on my school server, but I'm not sure of the bandwidth they allow, so heregoes:

A blazer showing off in front of the crowd. This is a pretty nice incline with a lip on the left thats near vertical. The blazer got both front wheels off the ground and freds truck took a pretty nice hop.

Blazer: Here

Fred's Hill Climb: Here

My swamp crossing: Here

Haha yeah... I sound like such a, I dunno... tool? :rolleyes: :D

I'm still new to this so I'm amazed by basically everything that these trucks do. When I saw Fred lining up for the hill I started laughing because I didn't think he had a chance in hell (sorry :p) and couldn't believe when he did it almost no problem.

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