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Brown Wire Mod


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April 24, 2023
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Howdy, I heard of a brown wire mod to convert my 2003 all wheel drive with an on and off switch to the transfer case. Any one know where to find said brown wire?

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Check these threads right below your post, they may have the answers you’re looking for..

Definitely read through those posts. Still, it can be a tricky to actually find the wire because Ford moved it year to year. I just did my 04 and ended up splicing it at the transfer case and running the wires through a hole I drilled under the center cupholders. My ground is silly but it works. Still need to add a fuse, it's hard to find ones for this gauge of wire.





There is a lot of misinformation around the gen 3 ford explorers BWM I have a 4.0 v6 2004 ford explorer. There is also a lot of confusion as to if a relay should be used on this mod or not and I will sum up why relays are used on this mod. The brown wire was in a one big bundle of wires on the passenger side. I cut the wire and wired an illuminated switch to it. I was confused at first on how to wire a switch so for those of you that are too here is how I did it, I went to the auto store and bought a switch that said ground power and output on it connect the brown wire to input, output, and I grounded the switch to my radio. At first the light did not come on and I thought I had the wrong brown wire or that the wire I had didn’t have enough power to power the light however it does light up when the lights are turned on via the knob. This made me understand why people use a relay, with a relay the light would always be illuminated, not only when the headlights are on. I believe this is the main reason people decide to use a relay on this application. I still have not tested the 2x4 will post an update when I find some dirt roads.