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Brown wire on transfer case cut??


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January 5, 2014
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Reeds Spring, MO
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'98 XLT 4X4
Okay so I have a 98' XLT with the 4.0 ohv 4wd hasn't been working ever since I bought my x back in July 2012. Turn it to 4hi, hear the click, and light comes on but no power to the front wheels. Turn it to 4lo, hear the click and clunk of the tcase and light comes on but no front power again, It's like I have 2low? I'm at a loss here and tired of being stuck especially with these freak snow and ice storms here in south mo lately. I crawled under the x again today and sensors are OK, but I notice that the brown (possibly faded black) wire on the tcase was tucked away and has been cut in half and twisted back together with a wire nut. I have owned nothing but chevy trucks in the past so I'm a little lost with this control trac system (would have much rather had the manual shift with lock in hubs like my trucks) can anyone who may have gone through this or knows what I can further do to fix my 4x4 I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thanks guys I'll crawl under her again tomorrow and hopefully can figure it out. The thread helps me understand a lot better!