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Brush/Grill Guard for a '95


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October 21, 2003
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Flagstaff, Az / Nogales, Az
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'95 XLT
Ok i've been searching around and found some nice but pricey brush/ grill guards for my X. I found this link to a site that sells guards for about $270 thing is it says years 96-00. So what have the rest of you '95 owners done for a brush guard? Forked up the $400 for one that fits? Im looking for a black brush guard, similar to a grizzly or manik...

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If '95-'98 have the same front end. If it will fit any of those years, it will fit yours.


But is there a possibility of holes not lineing up on a '95 frame instead of the '96-'00 where the brush guard mounts up? :confused:

no, it should fit, the frames are the same

The frames are the same but even if for some reason they were not, its not that hard to drill some new holes

Mine is a Genuine Steel gaurd, from 4 Wheel Parts. '95 thru '98 SHOULD all be the same. Mine is a '96.