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Wanted Brush Grille Guard

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January 20, 2009
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Augusta, Ga
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01 Mountaineer
Just wanted to know if anyone knows a website i could go to and find this type of brush grille guard for a 01 Mounty AWD.


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JC Whitney has one for a couple hundred but i dont know how strong it is.

I have a used one like that I'm trying to get rid of. I pulled it off like 2 years ago. Its black and is a Go Rino one. Looks awesome.

I had a buddy with one of those on a blazer. They are cheap quality and only seem to be good for mounting lights. I would look at getting a frame mounted one if you are looking for protection.

The one i have mounts to the same location that the front bumper mounts which is to the front of the frame rails. The upper two mounts go somewhere else (I forget where).