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Brush guard mounts

as promised............ this is my white guage swap, def easy to do, both guages used the same plugs, do your best to try and find a guage with similar miles, other wise youll have to change i by hand or swap your odometer and speed needle.


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What's the white gauges out of?
Truck looks great the camo is what I want to do to my pick up
Defiantly a nice lookin ride


See how long mine are I'm kind of stumped her I've been taking measurements for about an hour now



I'm definitely painting the chrome black tho

thanks man its been a work in progress for a while now, the guage cluster came out of a 2001-2002 explorer sport. not sure the exact year but im sure any of the years from 01-03 sport will work. your truck being a 2000 i would bet anything the plugs are the same, hell mine was and its a 99. seeing how your truck is 4x4 youll want to get a white cluster that is out of a 4x4 that way youll keep your auto 4x4 lights. the camo was actually my wifes idea i got it from autozone for i believe 50-70 bucks sorry cant remember exactly how much its been on there for about a year and half. it was real easy to put on also, just been a water spray bottle and alot of patients*. the roll gve me enough to do both sides of the X as well as the top near the door, and still had a little left over.

how far does that brush guard stick out on both sides, from the pictures it looks likeyou have a few inches on both sides. on mine i can barely squeeze a finger between the fender and guard.

I really don't know since its just resting on my bumper it seems like ill have a decent space by the way the arms are longer I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to make the damn brackets it looks odd unless I just drill into the frame and add the brackets there

they may be your best bet, i only asked becaue i h a brush guard for a expedition that a guy told me it was for a explorer, and seeing how it sits on your truck it reminded me of it, id say a few good drill bits and some flat stock anything is possible lol

That's what I'm just gonna have to do ill weld it all together too for good measure
Well guess ill have to put this on the back burner for now I'm moving to pa on the first so I'm all put of spare time I got lucky this past weekend and did the TT wheel spacers 32's and new whether stripping in doors plus a few well earned hrs at Harry's so now the wife is on me about not packing lol ill be sure to post the finished product in my thread " the X so far" thanks for the pics and help I appreciate it

And if you could post a pic of where it goes through your bumper I think your bumper is different but a pic may help

yeah not a problem i had the same bumper as yours but opted for a all steel bumper of a 95 X it fit the brush guard better and held up better whacking the trees in the trails, im guessing you go to the hazelton location, seeing how its the biggest one of the three. ill snap a pic o the bumper tomorrow

I thought about swapping bumpers but not worth it to me I originally planned on making a bumper w brush guard but figured a pre fab guard would do just fine

Yea hazelton I haven't been to the other two but Garry's u pull it in Binghamton ny aint too bad either he's Harry's cousin lol

haha thats funny, harry and garry, yeah not sure about driving to NY, atleast Pa has trials i know so if i went there i could have some side fun, it would be probablya 2 hr ride from my place to harrys so id have to have a fun filled day to make it worth it.

Yea it's 2hrs from where I'm moving to but honestly once you step in to the 200+ acre yard all plans go straight out the window check out their web site even if you're only goin for the X take a look in the compact cars are as well some kids put some nice lights and other accessories on their tuners lol

heres how it gos under my bumper, before i had to cut some of the plastic air damn, which is one reason i switched to the metal bumper.


Ah I see I may have to swap to metal I like the look of the plastic tho damn ill have to see why I can come up with in a couple weeks when I get so e free time thanks for the pic dude

no problem man, good luck on it. send me a pic when you finally get it insalled, id like to see it.

Ill defiantly post some pics I'm gonna hang it on a couple pulleys und my father I laws carport and pull the X up to it and hang it at the height I want then take a few measurements cut were I need slide it in then fabricate some brackets
I know it sounds like a nut way to do it but I've been rackin me brain for a few days now and that's the best I got lol ill be sure to post the entire procedure of anything it'll be worth a laugh

I've been in this situation before. It's pretty hard to get it just right, trust me. Especialy when you're workin on it yourself.

I'll let you know what I did because I didn't have the brackets either. (Then again my brush guard came off an izuzu rodeo so brackets wouldn't have worked anyways.) Heres the idea:
I chopped off the lower portion of the brush guard and mounted that piece to the frame. Then the brush guard got bolted to that piece. Check the picture

You can see the bracket coming out of the bumper. That mounts directly to the frame, and directly to the brush guard from there.

This could be an option for you as I was able to make it all myself, and it came out good for me.

Also, what I did was use a jack to hold the bumper in place while I lined it up to where I wanted it so i could drill and measure. You just have to balance it on there. Good Luck :thumbsup:

So you just cut it then drilled through the cut off piece and guard after it was bolted to the frame?? Looks good thanks

Where'd you get the tow hooks??

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Looking forward to it