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Brush guard on ebay


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December 8, 2010
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Ashland City, TN
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2000 XLS

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Not dealt with them personally, but their feedback looks pretty good. If thats the style of bull bar you're chasing it's probably worth a go.

Their material quality is there. But for me, they arent as "tight" to the vehicle as bigger named companies. I like the guards to hug right close to the body. But a friend of mine has this brand and has no complaints.

I bought my bull bar from this company!
I was satisfied !!!

sweet. thats the best price I have seen on a full brush guard, so I may have to cough up the funds.

Do it man, I love brushguards but i could not pass up the price of a bull bar.
so yeah order one up, it is like 1/2 the cost of a westin !!!


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