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BTF Lift Project

Is this bumper custom have hard was it to make ?

The bumper was actually easier to make than if It had been another vehicle, on most trucks you have to cut off parts of the frame horns and cannot reuse the stock mounting locations. On these expos there is no frame that needs to be cut off for the bumper to sit flush. The bumper is completely bolt on and can be removed if I ever need to which is nice!

HB I know you kicked around the idea but your expo is more luxo than mine so I can understand your hesitation in cutting into it! I waited wayyy too long for the Method Race NV wheels I originally wanted and was tired of it looking the way it did so I changed my order to standards. They look way better in person. I love them. I read that you recently got a ram. I have one too! LOL I still LOVE Your Expo!

Yeah man I really wanted to go for this look but also wanted to be able to really use it hard offroad, that's why i never actually went for it. I love these Expos so much and they can hold themselves nicely on trail, but for the amount of travel I wanted to obtain it was way too expensive and I didn't want to put a bunch of money into it when I could get a different truck and have double or even triple the amount of travel :(. I'm hoping this summer to pick up an older Explorer that's somewhat built up.

But nice ram! Mine is pretty much stock aside from a leveling kit and exhaust system I had put on.