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Bucket Seats!

I have been thinking about doing this for a while too. Looks great and can't wait to copy your work!


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410fortune that's a sport center console. I dunno if they came in the 4 door x's but every sport I've riden in has had it like that.

The short console was standard on lower model 2 and 4 doors. XLTs and higher got the full length and high level Sports.

I actually pulled that one from a '95 Explorer. Along with all the associated dash pieces.

hey section,
howd you mount the rear on them buckets, i have tried looking it over and i cant figure it out, i seen how you mounted the front, looks fairly simple!
but that back brace has me all confuzed!!!!:confused:

Here's a rough drawing on how they brackets work. :thumbsup:


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So the square tubing it mounted to the floor while the angle iron is mounted to the seat. The bolts hold them together. Everyone is happy.

Okay, I may finally get around to finishing this project this week. I still need to paint the brackets, adjust the carpet, and add the side plastics back to the sides of the seats.

Why the motivation? :D Out of the blue it poured rain last night. I had my sunroof open. :bsnicker: :( So I had to tear everything out today and let it sit in the sun.

I might as well keep it out till the NorCal Cage Building Party. :salute:

What kind of front seats are those. I have a 97 4 door with some limited seats and they are not the most comfortable since I spend most of the day driving.