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Budget B&O front door upgrade


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May 10, 2019
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2020 Explorer ST
After having installed a subwoofer to the B&O system, I thought I was satisfied. The B&O is pleasant enough IMO for an OE system provided you do not listen to music that loud--by that I mean, not turning the volume past 8 or 9. I did not want to go full-on custom so was looking for ways to replace the speaker components in just the front speakers. I also would want something I could adjust solely with the treble-midrange-bass sliders in the Sound menu. And despite what power the B&O is advertised as, in reality, it probably isn't a lot so high sensitivity would be key. I also didn't want to spend a fortune and ease of installation was a factor. The B&O front doors have a 1" soft dome tweeter, a 3" midrange and a 6x9" bass unit. The OE midrange and the bass unit are pretty cheap drivers--exactly what I wanted to replace.

OE Tweeter:

OE 3":

OE 6x9":

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3" replacement:
I chose the FaitalPro 3FE22 3". There are certainly a number of other contenders (Peerless, Fountek, Dayton Audio, etc) that will fit, have high sensitivity and low power requirements. The 3FE22 improves midrange clarity, dynamics, although the high sensitivity means you may need to lower the treble/midrange settings. The stock mounting bolts are 4" apart, which is wider than most 3" speaker bolt-to-bolt distance. To mount the 3FE22, I used one of the mounting bolts and used short, stainless screws in two of the other mounting tabs because there is door panel plastic (and gap) behind the midrange metallic grille. I soldered the wires off the stock 3" onto the new one (I believe black is ground, green is positive). Mounting depth for the 3" and 6x9" is important--too deep and the door panel won't snap back into place. FYI: The 3FE22 is a paper cone driver but they are not all made equal.


6x9" replacement:
PowerBass OE69C-FD. This is a direct fit replacement kit (includes a pair of speakers with housing, stock harness plug) and also includes a pair of 1" soft dome tweeter (not used). You won't get noticeable deep bass improvement with this upgrade but the mid bass is fuller, more dynamic and plays louder. This driver has high sensitivity as well. Replacement is easy peasy--simple remove and replace. The mounting screws (4), overall depth, and harness plug are all the same as stock.


Both can play louder than the units they replace and sound better--you can turn it up to 12-14 and it'll sound good. The sound is definitely less colored than stock, more dynamic and more revealing. Initially, the sound may be bright--give some time for the new drivers to break in. For now, in the Sound settings, I have treble, midrange and bass all flat. I also have it in Stereo, not surround, with fade forward. I still would highly recommend adding a subwoofer, which to me makes more difference than the above changes IMHO. I have my subwoofer providing low bass fill below 75Hz. EDIT: The stock speakers has some treble harshness. I switched the stock highpass capacitor from 6.8mfd to 4.7mfd to up the crossover frequency to around 10kHz since the FaitalPro 3" has pretty good high frequency extension.


COST: $155 for the 6x9", $66 for a pair of 3FE22. So, total $230 or so, and 2 hours of your time. Not bad.
3FE22 specs: 3FE22 (4Ω) by FaitalPRO
PowerBass OE69C-FD info: Power Bass USA OE69C-FD OEM Replacement Component Speaker System Ford / Lincoln
Subwoofer install DIY (Thank you Mcglsr2!): 2020-explorer-st-aftermarket-amp-sub-install.484508
Removing Front Door:
Door clips that may break when you remove the front doors:
Amazon product ASIN B07CJLB446

Thanks for sharing! This is good stuff. I was not impressed with bass response either and this would be a good fix.

I still would highly recommend adding a subwoofer, which to me makes more difference than the above changes IMHO. I have my subwoofer providing low bass fill below 75Hz.
Where do you place the aftermarket subwoofer?

I have a compact sub in the trunk. Line converter and amp are in the tray above the spare tire.