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Bug deflector??


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May 23, 2011
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Pasadena MD
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2002 4.0 XLT
Been on the forums for a while, pretty much since i bought the truck, and finally registered since I've got extra money to spend on the ex and figured I'd have questions as I start modifying it, and also hopefully be able to help others as i learn new things about it.

But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has a bug deflector installed and maybe a picture of it so i can see how it fits..The reason I ask is I have a decent size dent right on the front of the hood and was hoping buyin one of these would kind of hide it from plain sight.

here are some pics of my ex with the bug shield. i like how it looks on mine, but mine was on there when i got the explorer



hope this helps!:thumbsup:

Thanks for the good pics..kinda undecided on whether i like the look or not..I figure it'll be better then a big dent though and it looks like it should cover it..Wonder if there are any other styles or em out there or if they are all pretty much the same.

not a problem. and i am not to sure about different styles, probably search through google or something and see what comes up?