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Build thread - Skyforger

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I don't think any of them were. I found a very faded LUND sticker underneath one of them, and the supports were bolted to the second fold of sheet metal which has long since deteriorated. They appeared to be about 10"x6" pieces of 1/4" steel double hole bracket with a chunk of 1" box tube steel bolted to each one. There were chunks of aluminum flat channel screwed to the supports, with a plastic cover over them.

Did LUND make running boards? I always thought they made truck caps.

Here's a photo with all of the running boards & supports gone.

Much better, IMHO.

That does look better!!

Interested to see how this turns out!

Time to start modifying the interior.

Removed the full-length console

Added the remote head for the TK8180

Stacked up a Motorola CM300, a Vertex VX4205, and a Federal Signal PA300 siren under it

Added a couple of extension speakers for now

how did you mount all that under the dash??

Are you going to shave down the armrest and put it back in ?

I think some 1998-2002 black crown vic steel rims with trim rings and center caps would look kick ass on that truck. I was thinking about doing that with mine, but i like the stock alloys on my truck.

I mounted the CM300 to the floor on it's bracket, and then used small chunks of sheet metal with two holes to mount the rest of the equipment together.

I thought about modifying the original console.

Nah, I hate factory Crown Vic rims. I will be painting the ones I have on there black.

Re-did the center console today, cut off the front clean.

Decided I didn't need a second UHF radio, so I took out the CM300. I remounted the siren and VHF radio, to mesh with the modified console.



Decided on emergency and auxiliary lighting package today.

There will be a box enclosure built and placed directly in front of the console's end. This will house a panel containing 6 small round rocker switches. All functions will be relay-controlled, and I will be placing a power distribution block in the tissue holder, and relay banks underneath the console's cupholders.

Power will be fed through the relays to a set of three 55w halogen fog lights mounted on the front luggage bar, one Cree high-output LED worklight on either side of the luggage rack rails mounted about mid-body, a pair of 55w flood lights with rock guards mounted on the framerails under the front seats (rock-light style), and a set of amber 55w fog lights mounted on the front bumper, tied into the low beam circuit.

I'm even thinking of throwing in one of those old-school-537-can-flasher-in-a-box standalone high beam headlight flashers for nostalgia.

Today -

Ordered a headlight flasher box.

Installed a new aftermarket digital head unit for music.

Installed GPS cord, phone charger cord, and Sho-Me Flashpoint beacon into dashboard.

Received my 12vdc to 5vdc USB stepdown converters in the mail.

Dug all fog lights and rock lights needed out of a storage unit.

Tomorrow shall be productive.

Just ordered a Uniden Pro-505XL CB radio and a Tram NMO-mount low band antenna rated for 25-31MHz.

Just made another executive decision. Black is cool, but it's been done to death.

Skyforger will be Mandarin Copper Metallic when finished.

Oh man. Really? That's rough dude. Not trying to be a jerk, but why not something more emergency-response oriented? Red? White?

Yeah, red would be cool

I'm not sure why, but I've always hated red cars. White is also a no-go for me. I own a fleet of white service vehicles (an ambulance service).

You should return that cb and get the 520 for about another $8.00

I like the 505's screen and audio. I had the 520's predecessor, the 510, many years ago. I wasn't too impressed with the 510.

For some reason, whenever I see a CB these days that still has the segmented numeric channel display, I see it as the manufacturer being a cheap copout. That, and it wouldn't match my other radio displays.

I got bored today with only a few resources at my disposal. No calls + bored Fire Policeman + Whiskey Dents + Rustoleum flat black =





You know, when I revamp the bodywork, I might just leave it that Safari Tan color.

Also discovered a wicked power steering leak, but Lucas treatment helped greatly. Hopefully this Lucas stuff will hold until I can fix the steering (I can't see where the leak is coming from, but it's definitely PSF).

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Started the day by installing my new CB.



Complete with new antenna:


I began to install the wifi hotspot in the rear cargo area. I installed the 12VDC to 5VDC USB stepdown converters in the rear fenderwell, and ran the antenna coax out of the panel.


Installing the headlight flasher:


Warning setup still in progress