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Build threads?


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December 19, 2000
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Is there a specific place on these forums for dedicated build threads? I'm a few weeks from tearing into what I've got in my driveway and maybe my ego is inflated but I feel like some people might be interested in what I've got up my sleeve. Just curious... It's a '91 and it's going to be fairly modified which is why I'm posting this in here to ask for the right location for an actual build thread. I see the offroad section has a "projects" section which I guess might be right but it looks like that's for a specific part of the build, not the whole thing as a whole... I'm taking this expo from about 99% stock to 100% full done including paint, interior, stereo, fiberglass, bumpers, widened TTB, coilovers, hydro bumps, national leafs, shackles, bypass shocks, beadlocks, newer 8.8 with discs, 4.56 gears, lockers front and rear, etc... And it's all happening from start to finish with no breaks or down time. Only thing I don't have in hand right now for my build is the front fenders and rear locker which I plan to buy the rear locker probably next week and the fenders are already on order. I have 100% of the rest of what's needed for this build. I just need to button up a race truck that's soaking up all my garage space here in the next couple weeks so I can get into this. Money is even set aside for body/paint and window tint as soon as it rolls out of my garage ready to run.

Anyways, where would I post this build?

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Thanks Colin! It was funny I was looking at McNeil racings page the other day ordering the front fenders and I'm 99.9% sure that's your old grey expo on there isn't it? And Paul's monster too?

I guess I should add, swing steering is in the plans too for this build. It's going in the garage pretty much stock and coming out 100% done ready for paint and tint! One fatal swoop! LOL

Sounds interesting!

Might end up in my list of TTB goodness....

well, if it's any consolation, here's the build thread for the current garage project that's holding me up front starting this one. I'm hoping to have it 100% buttoned up and out of the way in about 2-3 weeks so I can start this one. This expo build should be childs play in comparison! LOL

(yes, not expo but if you like offroading it'll probably still appeal to you. LOL)