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Building a 4.0 OHV for power

i spilled the beans on the trans stuff already. i'll be doing the same stuff as him. my neighbor runs a machine shop and im thinking about getting all the gears and shafts in the m5 made out of blueprinted tungsten carbide.
becuase y'know, that would DEFINATELY handle the 400hp i'd push MAXIMUM on the 4.0. lol

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The 33s will hurt your TORQUE. They will eat your power.

Emissions stuff won’t hurt what little performance you will be getting. Might as roll it back to a carb with that attitude.

Secret transmission mods? :laugh::crazy: That’s very forum oriented behavior. “Hey guys help me out......oh you want some info?...... naw, ancient Chinese secret, brah”.

Good luck.

i know they will, but at the same time they will help my fuel economy by giving me lower engine RPM's.
i might swap the gears in the axles out to 4.10's but stock its 3.73 and limited slip and i really like that.

i could just stay in 4th longer i guess

Lol out..good luck with the build

Ps i have a set of 1.7 roller rockers ill sell you discount priced..sure your be able to figure how to make them work since Tom swear they do and everyone who has bought them hasn't had any luck..ill even replace the stud so it will be a ""working bolt in kit""...they have 5 minutes run time on them

i know they will, but at the same time they will help my fuel economy by giving me lower engine RPM's.
i might swap the gears in the axles out to 4.10's but stock its 3.73 and limited slip and i really like that.

i could just stay in 4th longer i guess
They will not help your mileage. They will, in fact, reduce it drastically.

wow that 4.0 looks sexy as ****.

wow that 4.0 looks sexy as ****.
Thats my custom built Manley forged long rod, JE 4" asymmetrical piston, Oringed block, copper head gaskets, manley .150 larger valve and ported to hell headed motor..prototype i designed runs 18psi and nitrous. ..

really? okay maybe i'll drop down to some 30's. anyone want to buy the tires?


18psi AND NITROUS? i'll pass. i wouldnt mind having a m90 on it though.
maybe someday i'll work up to a nice twincharged system with a m90 and twin t3's

my neighbors brother just bought a m5 i pulled out my last ranger and he got it built up and now its sitting behind his 2.3 making 40psi.
"Hardened straight cut gear set and torsion bearings and hardend in and output shafts
Case girtle"
thats what he had done to it.
and its rated to withstand 900hp for the rest of that engines lifetime.


Low end torque = add a supercharger
The 4.0L ohv + supercharger has been done for years and years reliably and meets your goals of being able to climb those hills with 33's!!

Funny I had a 4.0L OHV in my Bronco II for 12 years and now a v8 since 2005. So basically when you were born in 1999 I had already been converting my BII. I have LOTS of real world knowledge here. Since then I have crushed about 60 explorers, built about 20 complete trucks and done many many drivetrain conversions.

My 1993 4.0L had headers, exhaust and some breathing mods.
I had 33" tires and 4.10 gears and I towed a 20' Bayliner with it from Colorado To California and back, wheeled all over Colorado, Utah and California with it and never once complained about the lack of torque.
I did complain about the performance of the V6 trans though, which is why I never went supercharger instead I went V8

People here are looking to help you achieve your goals

i know a supercharger will give me the low end grunt. i plan on getting a m112 installed for that instant low end power.
i want to go turbo becuase i already have the turbo. its a stock turbo, came off a dodge 2.2L and would spool around 3-4k, so i assume on a engine almost double the size it'd spool around 1500-2k
if it completely limits airflow at over 4k thats fine by me. i dont like to race anymore. seen too many cars go up in flames from that.
i could easily get it to move itself easier up a hill by going to 4.10 gears but i'd like to keep the gearing stock incase i do decide to actually sell the tires.
(sell the tires and start funding the supercharger????)
are toms parts actually worth anything for the 4.0? i know on the 3.0 it made maybe 50hp additional, and the biggest upgrade was just slapping a m90 in.
the city i live in isnt hilly at all actually, its very flat. for city driving i wouldnt care to have either the supercharger or the turbo,as it wouldnt benefeit me at all.
however, on my commute to work there is a steep 22% hill that stretches on for almost 3 miles, and my aunts v8 jeep ive been driving to work has been needing to downshift consistently every time i get on that road.
i wont mind downshifting to 3rd or 4th in the ranger until i get any power adder in.

my hours just got cut at work and im having to miss a full week becuase of it.
starting off simple,lets work our way into bigger performance mods.
what are the cheapest bolt on performance enhancers for the 4.0? any gain is a gain in my book. i was thinking:
step 1 new intake + air filter and get rid of the old air system,gain a few hp while shedding a few pounds.
step 2 i was thinking, would be weight reduction, but i dont want to cut anything out and ruin how amazing the condition of the truck is,so lets save this one for trying to find lightweight replacement parts.
step 3 i was thinking new exhuast system. unfortunately aurora does have emissions, so i cant straight pipe it for another year. so a full system it is,any reccomendations?
then i was thinking of tuning it. my neighbor uses HPTuners on his 5.3 drag s10 (2700hp beast with nitro) so thats what i'd probably be going with.
i was wondering, is the spark advance controlled by the computer or is it mechanical like the 3.0 was? if its by the computer i could gain some low end torque from adjusting that.

the main reason i wanted to go turbo is becuase i wanted to save $$$ by using the one i already have. or maybe i could just sell it to help fund other parts....have to find a buyer on it first.

Your biggest performance gain would be smaller diameter, lighter tires. An intake won’t really do much.

You’d have to shed a lot of weight to make it go up a hill better.

What’s your budget?

2700hp? What’s he run the 1/4 in?

hes still building the truck. this is his 7th engine now. hes got about 285k$ into the truck so far. last time he ran it was on the highway and i was racing him in my twincharged + nitrous crown vic (4x4,32" offroad tires,and a 8spd auto,behind a BUILT 5.4) and we were going about 110, we matted it and both of us popped wheelies, around the 170 mark my front end came down,and he shifted into 4th and kept in it. from 110 to 170 took us about 1.3 seconds.
my vic was making about 57psi,and had a 50shot of nos just to help keep things cool. i unfortunately dont have any pictures of the vic,and i dont have it anymore. i ended up decided to crash the car,rolled it 7 times and then scrapped it. i was really,really,really drunk when i decided to crash it. (and admittably, when i built that car i had more $$ from boxing than i had brains)
my budget would be about 400$ for start. i dont want to switch tires becuase i go offroading just enough to justify them.

if a intake gave me 5hp thats a gain i could be happy with. baby steps make the dream work, until my income gets better.
just tell me what you think i should do as far as power adders (without changing gearing,transmission model,or tire size) and as i get the cash for it,i'll get and install it.
starting with cheapest to most expensive mods. :)
thanks so much.

4.10 gears best bang for buck to get up that hill
Do you still drink?

So you're 19 with extensive engineering knowledge, a lucrative background in boxing, and a history of building 440/460/472 CID engines. At some point you had a Crown Vic running 57psi of boost -and- a 50 hp nitrous oxide shot, and you rolled it seven times while drunk. Your budget for building the OHV 4.0 is $15,000 but you're starting with $400. Is that all correct?

My life is incredibly boring by comparison.

nah, i quit drinking after this happened to my last car. (pic attatched)
(2007 pacifica 4.0,twin turbo,AWD swap,built the 6spd,made about 477hp. caught fire due to a short in the stock transmission wiring harness.)
it was unrelated to the drinking, but after that happened i just sorta quit doing alot of things. got a factory job,started going to church,and became active in my community.
lost my house,my fiance,and alot of my prized possessions around that time aswell.
live and learn though.

if you really think 4.10 gears are the way to go, i'll get em. didnt the ranger also come with 4.56 gears in one of the models for the 4.0? would those be better or worse?
4.10 gears and supercharger? or 3.73 and supercharger? at that point which would give better MPG and ability?
i dont mind if i kill the city MPG either aslong as it redeems itself those longer travels.
and i want to have enough ability to get up and go if some asshole wont let me pass them.
doing more research into it, the OHV would benefeit more from a supercharger than it would a turbo,and having that boost on demand anytime i'd want it....would just be fun. im thinking 5.5psi
plus then i dont have to worry about limiting flow at the upper range like i would with this turbo. (seriously, its small. came off a dodge 2.2L turbo engine)

and yeah, that sounds right. although ive never personally built a 460 or 572, just helped repair and diagnose problems.
i was raised in the south on a 200~acre farm, the 440 was in a 1967 charger that me and my grandfathers neighbor built for dirt track racing. i was 15 at the time,he was 67. he knew all the things to do and funded it, and i was essentially just a wrench turner. when i was 15 i was 5'9 and 165lbs, at that time i had been a bodybuilder for 4 months. (as an amatuer)
total planned budget for building the 4.0 is 15k,but going to take baby steps to get there.
and yeah. when i was 17 i dropped out of school (went to private school my entire life) and got a GED,did a 6 month class on automotive and mechanical engineering then i went to the navy to enlist into being a diesel mechanic. i got a 67 on the practice test and decided i didnt want to do that with my life.
im also a+ certified by microsoft. i used to run a business building high end workstation for consumers and anyone who afford it really. lowest price pc i ever made was 3,750$.the most expensive was my own personal server for the company. it was 29,576$ all-in with all software and hardware. (22,106$ hardware cost.) lost the pc in a flood. since i payed for it with income i made on a business that i made purely to prove how easy it is to build computers, i didnt really care. looking back, i should have invested the money.
im very depressed and suicidal in my life and im always looking for new hobbies so that i dont take my .40 and end it. which is kinda why when i do things i tend to go all-in. i crashed my vic becuase i wanted to kill myself in the crash. fortuntely for me,the vic turned out to be very strong in a crash.

enough about me though, i digress. i just said a bunch of s**t that nobody probably cares about.
where can i get a supercharger kit for the 4.0? and as i asked before, is toms parts for the 4.0 worth anything? not the rockers or stroker kit.
i was thinking the m112 adapter kit he sells for 800$, and the pistons. i was thinking about buying another ranger with the 4.0 OHV of the same engine model and pulling the heads and porting and polishing them,aswell as anything else i might consider doing to the heads.
my definition of a "bolt on" is literally anything i can bolt in. anything that doesnt require machining or advanced press tools or things of that nature. even if it means pulling the engine out to install, aslong as i can do it with a set of wrenches and wratchets its still a bolt on in my eyes. so to me,things like new heads,intake manifolds,exhuast headers + systems, and spending 40+hours getting a tune JUST RIGHT (for my specific use) is no sweat to me.
i was thinking of going for a electric water pump,removing the A/C,and going to a electric power steering pump. should free up a bit of power.

i'd rather have the m112 than the m90 for the increase in low end boost.


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