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Building a new 4.0



This may take more work than you think. In my experience, the Aerostar engine is not conducive to external modifications because the engine compartment is VERY tight (I have a '90). It also runs hotter, again because of the enclosed engine compartment, so you'd better upsize the radiator and get a high-flow water pump. I also don't see how the heck you'll get headers in there, but I might be wrong. I was not able to find anyone who made headers for the 3.0V6 in the Aerostar when I was checking this. Besides that the Aerostar is comfortable, quiet, spacious, well-made (at least mine is) and is a great highway cruiser although it suffers from body roll etc. due to the high CG and the squishy suspension. Good luck.



My father called me today wanting to know if I would help him build a 4.0. I guess he is getting a 91 Aerostar for $100 that has a blown motor. The people that had it (My aunt and uncle) thought that the 100000 mile maintanence free meant that they didn't have to change the oil, etc... I guess it took close to 99000 or so before they scattered it, punching a rod cap through the oil pan. So, my father is thinking about buying it and wants to build it back a little stronger, i.e. - headers, exhaust, 10:1s, cam, TB, KKM, chip, ported heads and intakes, the works. He says that he just wants "enough power to haul me and 4 or 5 friends and all thier golf & bowling equipment." Yeah, sure.

My .02