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building a rear leaf pack?


Jack from JackOffRoad
August 26, 2004
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West Virginia
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1993 2dr
last week i ordered 4 inch coils and 4 inch over shocks, 2 inches just wasnt doin it for me. i already had the 4 inch drop brackets installed so installing the 4 inch coils was no big deal. only problem now is i dont think the front is gonna settle enough to level out with the AAL and shackles i have in the rear. so i was thinking of putting leaf packs from a 4 door under my sport and maybe adding ANOTHER leaf from my 2 door pack to it? is this safe? effective? any thoughts would help.. thanks.

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Leaf packs from a 4 door are a good idea, especially in place of a AAL since those usually do more for load carrying and less for an actual lift.

Adding a leaf from your spring pack or really altering the 4 door spring pack in any way is probably a bad idea. Theres been lots of mods with using ranger and F-150 main springs on cut Explorer packs, and it just never seems to work out. They flex good and work okay, but eventually sag or have a poor ride.

If you still need more lift, I'd suggest throwing the AAL onto the 4 door spring packs, since it's designed for that.

yeah.. you would think that with AAL and shackles on my vehicle already that it would be level. but i can see that even after the front coils settle the vehicle will still have a front rake. im hoping that a 4 door leaf pack, AAL and shackle will bring it up where i need it. i need to go root around a little more with it to help settle the front coils, then an alignment, then hopefully im done.

The 2 door ex's have monoleafs in the rear so there is no pack to add to or take from.

oh a first gen. well if your gonna trash your old leafs anyways take them apart and see what you can do

You can build your own leaf pack as long as you don't mind some trial and error which means taking out and putting back the springs a few times. I built my own in the form of the F150 leaf mod plus most of my stock pack- I had to take it apart and put it back twice before I got it to my satisfaction. Just keep your stock leaf on top to keep your axle where is supposed to be and add whatever you desire under it.

i was going to spend friday taking my leaf springs off but today while i was on delivery i scored a 4.0 ohv upper and lower plenum complete with all injectors, IAC, throttle body, AIT, TPS, coolant temp, temp sending unit, water neck, and a good set of valve covers for $20! so i ordered in some VHT red wrinkle finish and will spend most of my friday cleaning parts and preppin for paint.

as far as the leaf packs go i am thinking of using the 4 door leaf pack with my stock intermediate leaf, the AAL, and shackles. hopefully this will be enough to level the truck out, im looking for the least amount of trial and error as possible but with my luck who knows.