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Building axles for my 95 4X4 Ranger


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August 31, 2006
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2004 F-150, 2006 Ranger
I have a set of axles in the shop for my Ranger. They are a 8.8 rear and a Dana 35 front, both off a 94 4.0 Ranger. I run 33's now but I want to build the axles so I have the option of going 35's. I'm planning on using 4:88 gears, ABR's, possibly 31 spline rear axles and Warn hubs. I'm collecting the parts at this time.

Am I missing anything? I have a Dana 28 in the front right now, If I buy the hubs now can I use them on the 28 and later put them on the 35? Got a part #?


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You can't put 31 spline shafts into the Ranger 8.8. You would have to swap in a Explorer 8.8.
I'm running 37s on my D35 and a Ex 8.8, both with 4.56 and lockers. You should be okay with 35s.

I'm not sure if hubs interchange from D28 to D35, sorry.

What he said ^^^^ and no, you cannot run the same hubs on the 28 and 35. They are totally different sizes inside the housing, only the bolt pattern matches.

Otherwise, your stuff is good for 35s as long as you know how to use that skinny pedal on the right. It has more than one position that works -- and laid flat on the floor will bust up Dana 60s with 35s...

Go for finesse -- not stomp and you'll be at the top of the hill watching everyone else break their junk. :thumbsup:

I' don't want to use the Ex axles becouse of the width. Will the 28 spline 8.8 be ok with 33's? What about 35's? Thanks

Yes, the 28 8.8 will be fine with 35s. I ran my 37s without problem on one, til I found a great deal on the Explorer 8.8.

By the way, the Ex axle is only one inch wider.

Speed Sensors

OK.... On the subject of Ex 8.8's.... I have a 2000 ranger with a 7.5. I am planing on installing an 8.8, to the point that I have a superior super 88 kit sitting in my garage. My question is, are the speed sensors adaptadle from a 95ish Ex 8.8 to the 2000 Rangers OBDII? I need info on this ASAP! Any reliable information will help.....

From what I've seen, the speed sensor rings are the same. The sensor that reads the ring may be different, or have a different plug, but you should be able to swap that for the newer one.

I'd like to hear from someone else on this as I've not actually done this swap myself as yet, but I've been into a number of rear axles with speed rings and they all seem similar.

OK.... Well, I hope youre right. Im going to purchace a 95 Exploder 8.8 tomarrow (Sat.), to put my gears, E-locker, and axles into unless I hear different from someone between now and then.

You'll be fine with the tone ring it's a direct plug and play.

You'll be fine with the tone ring it's a direct plug and play.

Thank you!! Its always a little scary spending the cash whithout knowing 100% for sure its gonna work. My local U-Pull-It wont give refunds only credits........ Which realy doesnt matter since I spend most of my fun money there anyway!

You can put 31 spline shafts in the Ranger 8.8", you just can't find them in a junkyard is all.

Places like Currie and Moser can make a set of 31 spl shafts with the correct length and bearing size to fit the Ranger axle.