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building my parts list. need some help


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December 24, 2008
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winnipeg, Manitoba
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2004 Sport Trac
Im getting a list together for rockauto for all the stuff I need.

so far:

Transmission-Automatic : FilterRelated Parts

WIX Part # 58841 {#FT1087A} A
$13.65 $13.65 Remove Part

Emission : PCV ValveRelated Parts
MOTORCRAFT Part # EV268 {#2L5E6K773BA, 2L5Z6A666BA} B
$8.52 $8.52 Remove Part

Ignition : Spark PlugRelated Parts
MOTORCRAFT Part # SP500 {#AGSF22FMF6} Finewire Platinum B
$3.23 $19.38 Remove Part

Ignition : Spark Plug WireRelated Parts
NGK Part # 52015 {#FDZ080} NGK Wire Set A
$30.79 $30.79 Remove Part

MOOG Part # K80065 Caster Camber Cam Bolt Problem Solver
Front Upper; adjustment range from -1-5/8 to 1-5/8 deg. B
$18.01 $18.01 Remove Part

MOOG Part # K700542 {#52037712AB, 6L5Z5495AA} Problem Solver
Front; Incl. polyurethane bushings and solid metal sleeve for enhanced performance. Barrel nut allows for easier installation. B

RAYBESTOS 5021021 - Front Left Upper Control Arm

RAYBESTOS 5021022 - Front right Upper Control Arm

I'm going to add a passenger side Timken wheel bearing hub. drivers side was replaced already.

now my question is I need to replace the pinion seal and cv to axle tube seal.
are these the correct ones?

pinion seal

cv seal

these the correct parts and seals?

Im getting amsoil fluids, installing the powertrax no-slip, bodylift, and shackles hoping in the spring.


Great parts list. TWO Moog K80065 camber kits, and TWO K700542 end links
are needed, one kit for each side. Sorry, can't help you regarding the seals.

Nothing wrong with WIX. Any reason you're not using the OEM Motorcraft FT134 tranny filter?

Yep 2 of each will be ordered. It didnt show when I copied and pasted it.

The only reason I went with the wix filter was because thats what amsoil sells with there products and I had the part number. I will look up the motorcraft