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Building storage loft... Questions on design.


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April 23, 2002
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1995 Limited v6
I need to build a storage platform that will measure 10' x 7'. There is only room for 4 supporting posts. Needs to be able to hold 800lbs dstributed over several 1' x 3' sized objects. It will be 5'6" - 6' off the ground.

My question is, what are the minimum sized boards needed to construct this? I was thinking 4x4 posts as support, with 2x10" beams going across. Not having diagonal support beams would be ideal - would having a 2x4 on the floor connecting the legs (on all sides except for one) be satisfactory to prevent lateral movement and prevent the legs from "squating"? The platform would be 3/4" MDF board supported by 2x4's. There is a 2x4 screwed onto the 2x10" board to provide a lip for the 2x4.

To connect the corners of the main frame, I was going to use bolts, for the 2x4's supporting the storage area I was just going to use wood screws... let me know what you think.

Here are some simple drawings of it... The reason for two of the legs being oddly-placed is to accomodate what needs to fit under the loft while not extending out the platform part of the loft.

Picture of JUST the main frame:

Picture of the main frame with the crossbeams to support the platform.

Let me know what you think...

Last few Questions:

Would diagonal braces that start about 3' from the bottom and goto the opposite corner be effective?
How about just small angled board on the corners?
Also, is the way I'm joining everything alright?
Could I use something smaller then 2x10"?

This will be enclosed by walls on all sides that have the board on the bottom connecting the legs (the blue rectangles). However I would not like this to lean on a wall to stabalize it.


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January 4, 2003
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'97 XLT 4-dr SOHC
Replace the 2x4 with 2x6 and let them seat on top of the 2x10. That would make it more rock solid.

You would also need diagonal braces between the 4x4 post (at least on 3 sides).