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Bulbs to use with Clear Corners?


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February 6, 2006
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04 XLT
I'm going to be picking up some clear corners for my 04 Ex soon. What bulbs should I get for them?

I know to be legal, I need something that flashes amber. However, I also know that when you put an Amber bulb behind clear lenses, you'll see that amber color in the daytime and to me that kind of defeats the purpose.

I want a bulb that will flash amber, but will appear clear or white in the daytime.

Any advice would be great, especially if you give me links for where to buy them.


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Well, I just did some research and answered part of my own question.

I found a set of HS-3157AH LED bulbs in my garage that I had planned to use on a different car. They are 15 LED's that appear white and flash amber. The ones I have are made by "Catz".

I also found the resistor that I had made to solve the "low resistance/high rate of flashing" problem.

Does anyone know which two wires I need to connect to so I can slow the flashing with the resistor?

There Is A Bulb Out There That You Can Find At Any Pep Boys Or Auto Zone To Replace Those Amber Bulbs!

They Are Chrome And They Flash Amber! Pretty Tight Look!

On My 02 I Have Clear Corners But I Went With A Blue Bulb.

You can get Silverstars for the turn signals. They are chrome'ish when off but light up amber. I have them in mine.

The silverstars are really nice. I put them in my corners. They have a chrome like finish and light up amber when in use.