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Bumper color? w/2001 Toreador Red Ext

Hi all, The sticker that is supposed to be on my drivers door is missing. So, I pretty much fogured out that the exterior paint is code FL (Toreador Red) but the paint shop and the dealer can't tell me what shade of grey is on the bumpers or what the color code would be for the grey.

If anybody has a 2001 Ex with the paint code FL, I would really appreciate it if you could check your info sticker on the drivers side door and see if it has a trim/bumper code listed.

BTW, I did search and search but without any success.


Doesn't anybody have a second gen Ex that has the toreador red with grey bumpers. My paint code sticker is missing and I need the code for the bumpers/trim. Ford isn't any help, neither is the paint store.

ashley:) :) :)

If you go to a body shop supply store that sells Dupont paint ask them to look up your year and make of vehicle on their "yada system" and they can tell you what the color is and sell you the paint for it. GOOD LUCK

RC: medium platinum metallic