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bumper cover asap


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October 17, 2010
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Lancaster PA
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1998 explorer sport
i have a 98 explorer sport... and i want to know if a 1999 front bumper cover will fit... the guy has it for sale and hes taking to junk yard tomorrow so i need info asap... the 99 is a all solid piece with fog lights... just want to know if it will fit

thank you all
for your help

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not really a 911

it should, have to get everything that is behind it too that fastens to the frame horns,

The bumper will bolt right up, but yeah this isn't a 911 situation.

sorry i know its not 911... but i dont want to pass this up if it will fit and i need to know right away... sorry again but thank you very much

so go to the top right, thread tools, open that and move it to the stock section,


it has been moved... but again thank you guys for the info

Thanks again... I'm going to pick it up

alittle more help

i bought the whole bumper and it fits great... but now i have fog lights and there doesnt seem to be any pig tails for them... can anybody help me out and tell me what i need to do.. thanks

if your truck didnt have them from factory, all the wiring is there for them. you will need the small harness that goes to the plugs on the frame to the fog lights (look just behind the bumper on the frame rails you will see a plug with no wire connector in it) and a radio bezel that has a opening for a fog light switch as well as a fog light switch. its all plug and play, not cutting of wires or anything like that involved.