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Bumper cover question


June 16, 2013
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2003 Exporer Sport
2003 Explorer Sport 2 door with 92K miles, generally very good condition.
#1 son comes home with the front bumper cover all broken up; happened in a parking lot.............
No other damage beside cover.

I'm seeing these ranging in price from $500+ for the Ford part down to $99 for aftermarket crash parts.

I'd rather not spend the $500 for a genuine Ford stuff but I'll be just as upset is I buy a $100 part and it turns out to be crap that doesn't fit right.
I have calls in to local salvage yards with no joy so far.

Can anyone recommend a good quality aftermarket part or do they just not exist?

How tough to R&R this bumper cover??
Thanks in advance

The problem with aftermarket parts is fitment, it's hit or miss. Talk to your local body shop, they might tell you which brand they like to use. Are you going to paint the new part? If so make sure you do a fit test before you paint so you can exchange it if it doesn't fit well.

try car-part dot com, I came up with dozens of covers in all the colors of the rainbow from $69 to $150. Your $100 crap one is still going to cost another 300 for paint, on an 11 year old car just source a decent one in your color for under 150 and you're golden.