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Bumper hitch

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Nope... But just fyi- The regular hidden/hitch/draw-tite hitches do not require drilling, btw- they go on in 15 minutes in your garage- 4 bolts through the frame...

You might be able to get this to work:


They are usually available from most parts store, maybe even Home Depot or Lowes - so I'd buy locally in case it doesnt work out and you need to return the item.

If you don't want a hitch, why not just get a strap on bike rack? there are plenty of good options and they all work well on the explorer. The hitches are probably easier in the long run. I use a Rhode Gear on my truck it is a universal style. Holds the bikes very strong. I've had it on 2 explorers, 2 cars, 1 pickup so it is very flexible.


has anyone heard of u-haul refusing to rent a small trailer to tow??? they said they had too many lawsuits. was planning to use the bumper hitch

they will not rent to anyone in an explorer due to the 90's firestone deal.... i know its stupid. because they not only dont rent to the effected explorers at the time, but to Any explorer.

You just need to put Mercury Mountaineer stickers on it :bsnicker: "Explorer"

You can thank the lawyers of all the people who tried to cash in on stupid issues like this... I guess they figure statistically people that drive mercury's will not file lawsuits... (before the flames start, it's a joke... )