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Bumper question


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November 20, 2006
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98 Explorer XLT
Some guy hit me and when he did he pushed my bumper under my truck.... Collision center removed bumper and straighted frame ends so I could get my hitch on... Im wondering tho if I put my hitch on will I have to remove it to put the bumper back on (the L shape brackets particularly)

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Yeah thats what I figured... That sucks... I guess I should go ahead get those brackets and put that bumper back on myself and just be done with it all.... Any other place to get those things new other then Ford? Or would some decent used ones work?

I think the hitch's mounting holes are different from brand to brand.

My brother's hitch used the bumper's holes while my (cheaper) hitch didnt.

Ahh... so then we need to know what kind of hitch you have terminator. Can you get pics of it? That would be easy to tell if they use the same holes or not.

IZ, did you have to drill new holes?

IZ, did you have to drill new holes?
Heh -- not sure, its been so long. But I dont think so cauz I do remember finishing it it under 10 minutes. All I remember was my brother's hitch (which I think is a DrawTite) had this tab that came forward (of the vehicle) for more support where as mine, made by Valley Industries, simply had this (1/3"-1/2" thick) tab that bolted to the side of each frame rail.

Yeah, mine is a Draw-Tite and sounds like your brother's.


Heh.. I can't find a pic online anywhere.... Its a Valley 81680.. would take a pic but i don't have a digital cam...

I'm pretty sure thats the exact same hitch as mine (I also have a '98) .. so chances are, no the hitch does not use the same bolt holes as the bumper.