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Bumpers on 91

Fordy nine

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January 15, 2007
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Clifton New jersey
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91 Eddie Bauer
Well, Ive got my Ex up and running pretty well these last 4 weeks, and I felt i better take it thru NJ inspection before I put fat tires on.

Anyway, they failed me for putting some aluminum tape over a rust spot in the rear bumper! I was like Really? :confused:

So the guy said yeah, you cant cover holes in a bumper with tape, "they " dont want nothing a "kid" can stick his hand thru.... OOOOOOOOOKKKKK

So I leave, and im thinkin I would have been better off just putting a "Kill Em All, Let God Sort Em Out" bumper sticker. And wait a while, what ABOUT a bumper sticker?

Well I really want to put some new tires on but I dont want to fail again, so I go junkyard hunting for a new rear bumper. Found one, little bent, and went and put it on. Went back and passed inspection.

Lookin at the front bumper, and its out bent of whack, and I straitened the rear, so I took it off and straitened the front.

Now i cant get it back on strait- left side end is down and right side is up (around corners where meets fender well. Across front perfectly strait

I used jacks on both sides to hold them, and shoved them all the way up in adjustment slots - stll crooked

How can I get them to line up right on sides?- BTW bumper is strait.

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I will take pics and let you know tomorrow. My front bumper is tilting down in the back also. You might have to slot the holes some if it is twisted.. I'll be Back !!

let it fall al the way down and tighten it up.

I was thinking that. I took the front spoiler off and mounted the license plate with the bottom holes in it, with the bumper up its a nice tucked away look. And you can see the suspension which looks cool. But from the sides it cheapens the whole look. Will try for readjustment.

If a 4x4 and you are putting on big tires then the front spoiler NEEDS to come off. Looks way better IMHO. ;)

Front spoiler off- totally changes the look from Moms grocery getter to a neat lookin 4 wheeler now... and just got my brush guard from JC Whitney... Gotta try to massage a dent out of the front driver fender so it looks like grill and light have to come off first before i can mount it..

Tires- JC Whitney has a package on MT Mud tires was thinkin 32'' s but wondering if anybody has these tires and how do you like them? How noisy are they on the street? Would you recomend a different tire?

yeah and if you take it off there wont be as much to break off when you hit stuff. it will give you a better approach angle too. i took mine off because i broke it and the stock fog lights after falling through 6 inches of ice and 2 feet of water. i had to get a powerstroke with 37s to pull me out. the 350 K5 blazer couldent do it.

http://www.tirerack.com/tires/Sizes.jsp?make=BFGoodrich&model=Mud-Terrain+T/A+KM bfgoodrich mud terrains.....the best all purpose tire... 7.5 out of ten for quietness...10s the quietest.

I disagree. I've had both the BFG M/T's and the Kuhmo M/T's and I think the Kuhmo's are a better tire. I'm running the Kuhmo 33 x 12.5's on my X right now. And no, I'm not a BFG basher. I run them on both of my Mustangs and probably will put a set of BFG A/T's on my F-150 when it needs new tires, but the Kuhmo M/T's are cheaper and work better in all conditions than my BFG M/T's did.

Man I didnt know these tires cost so much I guess Im lookin at $800.00 worth of tires, inc tax.

The Kuhmos sound good but didnt see prices. I passed on a set of Kuhmos for my 72 Camaro, but only cause the tread pattern looked too Ricer. I wound up with Bridgestone Fuzions, I was limited because of the 17" rim I put on, but the Fuzions look and run good.

Im realistic- I know mud tires sing- some worse than others So if a tire looks good, wroks good on the street and is reasonably priced, then thats the ones Im gettin.

As JDraper says I have read many reviews on the Kuhmos in offroad a Baha Mags. and I am Impressed with them they will be on my Truck when i get my gears changed and a Locker. Shop around 4fwheel parts has a buy 3 and get one Free a lot of times. plus fair prices...