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Burn Smell 2006 Explorer V6 Eb


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February 18, 2008
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2006 explorer eddie bauer
thanks for any help. i noticed after driving my car for about a 150 miles i noticed a faint burning smell. it kind of smelled like metal burning. any idea what this could be. this smell left after a few minutes and then would come and go for about 40 mins. when i got home i popped the hood and smelled the engine compartment while it was running and i dind't smell anything.

Thread moved to 2006+ section.

I get that smell occasionally as well. I thought that I somehow botched the stereo install but I pulled it out and all the wires still look good. I have not been back to the dealer since around 4K miles (I am at 18k now). Maybe I'm just due for a checkup.