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Burned out front signal bulb - not burned out


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February 11, 2007
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Strongsville, OH
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03 Limited
While driving home last night, I realized that I had a burned out turn signal bulb - it was clicking about twice as fast as it should. I got home and saw that the rear right signal worked, but the front right signal did not. The parking lights (same bulb) worked fine. Strangely enough, the turn signal indicator on the dash did not light up as well, but I figured that's just how it worked in these trucks.

I pulled the light out and put a new bulb in. I tested it - still no turn signal. Uh oh. I tried another new bulb, just in case. Still no turn signal.

I tried swapping the left and right turn signal relays. Still no turn signal.

So I went inside, got my Haynes manual, and had a look at the schematic. The only failure mode that could cause this (no front turn signal, no internal signal indicator light) is a failure of the multi-function switch (the switch the left stalk is connected to - turn signals, high beams, windshield wipers, hazard lights, etc). According to the schematic, the hazards should still work in this failure mode. So I went outside to try - and sure enough, all four bulbs lit up with the hazard lights.

I found a new OEM replacement switch online - the cheapest vendor I found was actually amazon.com - for $56.

So...if you have a front turn signal that stops working, and the dashboard turn signal indicator also stops working - BUT the four-way hazards still work, then get ready to replace your multi-function switch.

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Good tip gsmaclean, thanks!

Even the Gen 3 multi-function switch craps out. More to look forward to.

I was right - I popped the replacement switch into the steering column last night, everything now works perfectly again. A quick 15 minute repair job, all you need is a philips head screwdriver.

By the way, this is the switch I bought and installed.

Thanks for replying back with the fix confirmation.