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burnt rubber smell and rough running engine


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October 7, 2009
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1999 Eddie baur awd
hi to all...i have a 1999 ford explorer v8 eddie bauer. I just replaced all 8 sparkplugs..and all the wires..it ran unbelievable for 2 months..now i'm getting a P0308 code and a burnt rubber smell and it is rough running. i replaced the plug in question(cylinder 8) and it ran ok for a few. but before i erased the code i noticed it gave me a p0174 code. it hasnt given me the code since but it runs rough. i'm at a loss now. i've done some research and heard about coil problems and fuel injector problems. but i havent got a clue. this all happened 1 day ago right after i filled my tank at a local sunoco station. any help or suggestions would be great. I was taking my explorer for a new paint job tommorrow and now i'm hesitant cus of the new problem. thanks for any help in advance this is really stressing me out.

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Check your plug wires. They run really close to your exhaust and could have melted.

i'll double check them again...i did check them and they looked fine. that particular wire does run the length of the engine. i'll have to look again and really go over them.

thanks a million excali....that was the problem...a cracked wire..i obviously missed it when i checked the wire..it was hidden under the heat foil. now its running smooth again...it always helps to have a fresh set of ideas even when you think you had it all checked properly.

No problem, sometimes it's the simplest things that stump us all.