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Burst Coolant hose

Mark Drysdale

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August 27, 2001
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Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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1997 XLT 4.0 SOHC
Tales of woe

My Explorer has just been trailered into the dealers for repair, the coolant hose from the water pump to the thermostat burst and I lost all coolant, has anyone else had a similar fault, the hose is about 3 inches long and sits at the front of the engine.

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I just got done replacing all of my hoses on my '97 xlt V-6 OHV. None of my burst but with 100k miles on them I figured it was better to fix them at home than on the side of the road. Sorry to hear about that though.

How difficult is it to replece the hoses o nthe 3 L SOHC? It looks like there are four of them--the main upper, and the main lower, and then two more on the engine--how much trouble is it?

My Explorer has been in the garage for two days to replace the Bypass hose, that goes from the water pump to the thermostat, this has entailed the removal of the upper and lower inlet manifolds and various other components, the car will hopefully be finished tomorrow.

According to ford all that is required is the removal of the belt idler pulley and the radiator shroud, but in practice this is nearly impossible.

My advise to anyone is to check that hose as my explorer only had 53K on the clock when it failed.

New guy here, '97 5.0 XLT 113k. Tried to replace all cooling hoses to find the water pump inlet hose only a fraction of an inch away from the "outlet" mounted on the Oil Filter housing. I managed to get the old hose off with *GREAT* difficulty, but there is no way the new one is going on without moving something. Which item is recommended to be moved? Water Pump or Oil Filter housing? Thanks!