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February 14, 2010
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Motta Sant'Anastasia, Sicily
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'96 XLT
I just aquired a '96 Explorer 4wd about a month ago, it has a 6" lift of unknown origin. I noticed that the front sway bar connecting rod bushings are compleley destroyed and was wondering if the stock replacements will work. Are OEM bushings usually the same as aftermarket lift kits?

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it can't be a 6" suspension lift.... nobody makes one for the 2nd gen IFS Explorer.

as for stock replacements... well... definitely hard to answer without knowing what style is currently on there. If it's some hobbled-together Franken-thing, it may not be using the OEM-style.

I'll post some pictures a little later, I'm new to the 4x4 scene so my knowledge is rather limited. With any luck maybe one of the guys on here will be able to tell me something more once they see some pictures.

pics would definitely help.

although I suppose you could get close to 6" with a Superlift or Trailmaster lift and then a torsion twist. I'm not sure what was included in those to retain the front sway bar, though.

Heres a few photos I snapped real quick, she a little dirty...




As you can see here the connecting rod bushing at the top is completely gone and the one at the bottom is.... well, useless.

Heres some other shots underneath to see if any of you reconize the set up.


I can't tell... does that have spacers for the upper balljoint?
that's gotta be either a Superlift or Trailmaster 4" lift, along with a torsion twist.

those are definitely aftermarket front sway bar end links and will be longer than OEM.
Although the bushing from an OEM replacement kit would fit

I'll have to do some research into those kits. I ordered new oem bushings, with any luck they will go in without any problems.

you should be able to make your own links with some tubing that can fit a bushing on either end with a threaded rod going through then a bushing on the other side with a washer and nut