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Bust, Rust or Sell?


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October 27, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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'95 XLT 4X4
Well ive been having a rust problem on my roof of my 1991 Ford Explorer and i was wondering how much trouble you guys would think it would be to fix.
The main portion is appearing above the windshield on the passenger side, but goes all the way across the car in little spots. The headliner is also deterirating.How much do you think it would cost if i took it to a shop?

Also how much do you think i could get for it if i decided to sell it?

Here are the specs:
1991 Ford Explorer
4 door 4WD
Eddie Bauer
New Transmission
Lifted (2in, i believe)
Leather interior (drivers seat kinda messed up)
Moon Roof
Clear Corners
Altezza Taillights
Stock Subwoofer
Custom Storage box near subwoofer
Billet Grill
Pioneer Headunit
Green LED underbody

Heres some pictures:




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I LOVE that green neon in the grill, looks sick! i might have to steal that idea from you. i've often wondered if that's possible.

Any time you have rust repair and paint done professionally figure a minimum of $1,000. Your Exp is probably worth $2,000, so if everything else is OK on it you might be wise to spend the money and keep it. I'd do it myself though, since it's on the roof and not that visible an amateur paint touch up job that's not an exact match or perfectly blended wouldn't be that obvious.

You can buy and install a new headliner, they start at $250 at places like JC Whitney.

or you can do a home-made headliner.. pull yours out of the truck, remove the old material, go buy some bulk material from a fabric store, something thin preferably, and some headliner adhesive aerosol cans. its not a hard job.

as for the rust.. i can barely even see anything, sand that puppy down, mask it, touch it up with a rattle can if anything, white is easy to blend. ive been known to lay a mean spray down with rattle cans to fix spots that arent highly visible.

just make sure you keep your truck!

definitely worth keeping, be thankful you're living in cali where rust doesn't eat them completely up, I bought a '92 from michigan about 4 years ago that had the rockers, rear wheel tubs and floor completely rusted out.

BTW the tail lights look cool, where'd you get them and how much?

How much do you guys think i could get for it if i tried to sell it?

You can get the taillights from lmc truck for like $200...i got mine on ebay for a little cheaper...you have to watch for them.

With the Heavy RainStorm in SD over the past few days it has taken its toll on my Explorer.
The rust is bad and water leaked into the headliner.
Heres the Pictures:-(








I say sand that puppy down, reseal it, paint it and forget about it lol

That's weird, I've never seen rust in those spots. The hard one may be fixing it right next to the windshield. It looks to me like you should pull the windshield, fix it and reinstall with a new seal. But that's not something that can be easily done buy a DIYer.

See what a glass shop would charge to R&R and reseal the windshield, it may not be too much.

yeow.....bad cancer.... those tools that remove the windshield seal / glue ( the tool that looks like a handle with a cable / rope / knife attached to it ) may be best left to people that have done it a lot ...i would be kinda wary doing that my self .

I'm starting to have problems with a leaking windshield at the top to. But I don't have the rust problem... I'm attributing it to a seal going bad, or perhaps my accident busted it somewhere and I'm just now noticing it.

Attempt it yourself. The worst that happens is it looks a little blotchy, but in the end it's better that then having to spend nearly a grand or getting rid of the truck. I didn't know anything about body work before I just went out, bought everything, read a bit, and attempted it. It's not as hard as people make it out to be, and I am 100% sure you can do a good enough job on that even being an amateur with bondo that nobody will look down on it. Just take your time, and be sure to tape things off when painting.

P.S. - THAT GRILL LOOKS EVIL!!!!! Great idea, just another reason to keep that truck!

But...Say i wanted to give up on it...How much do you think i could get for it and would anyone on here be interested?

These rust spots often occur because of paint damage (scratches) inflicted by a previous windshield replacement. As mentioned by the others you will need to removed the windshield to correctly repair the damage as what you see in the pictures is only 40% of the damage; Most of the real damage lies underneath the windshield.

Check out the Windshield repair thread of detailed info and pics on correctly fixing the rust spots.

The resale value on these First Gen's is well below what you would probably think it would be. I think it would be a waste to let that truck go for peanuts.

Well....I thought it was going to be too much work and tonight i found my answer...a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT
Ill Probobly be getting the parts i want out of this, then ill be selling it:-(...but hey...atleast i didnt leave explorerforum:-D

If you part( :( ) i call the corners, headlights, tails, and grill. :D

Just an fyi, if this becomes a for sale thread, it will be deleted. You must be an elite member to sell anything on this forum.

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