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busted hubs???

sc4wda XLT

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December 3, 2001
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Blacksburg, Virginia
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'92 XLT
was out wheeling and trying to do a little hill climb, I hit the gas and there was a loud bang. when i tried to go forward again i heard a ratcheting or grinding sound coming from my right side wheel. I was able to look under and see the axle shaft spinning but the tire wasnt moving and again the grinding/ratcheting sound. are my hubs busted. anything i can look for to tell if they are when I take them apart. Ive looked at some of the other hubs related posts but just wanna make sure. thanks

If the axleshaft and u-joint are intact and the driver's side wheel still spins then chances are your passenger side hub is wasted.

If you still have the Autohubs, now would be a good time to upgade to the manuals.

That is the exact sound mine made when I busted them (both sets) :frustrate . Looks like its time to invest in some manual Warns (or Mile Maker or Pro Comps)

Yup....Upgrade to manuals