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Buy or not to buy that is the ?


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October 27, 1999
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Sonora, California
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99 Eddie Bauer
I need new shocks for my 92 2wd, I don't know if I should wate till I lift it. I want to put a 4in. lift on it and don't want to have to buy a 2nd pair after I lift it. Should I wate or just go for it. thanks all.

92EB 2wd with chip and Flowmaster catback system, and open air box.

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I would definately just wait till you get a lift to get some new shocks, then if you wanted to you could spend the money you were going to use on the shocks and get somethin else, like to go towards the purchase of tires/wheels, regearing, or any other necessity of getting a lift. Just my opinion

You might have to wait. After you install the lift, you'll most likely need shocks with a longer throw to them.

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