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Buying a 1991 Eddie Bauer!!!



How much should i expect to pay for a 1991 Eddie Bauer Explorer in good condition with 50.000 miles?

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Keith Dugas

Try a couple of web sites like Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds or even Excite.com. You can enter the vehicle data and they can give you trade in or retail prices.



It depends on where you live. Some of the guys on this site from Colorado said that they went to texas and saved up to $3000. I live in Ohio and can but one for about $10,000 - $13,000 depending on if it from a dealer or an individual selling it. I have not seen very many with low miles like that. I paid $10, 000 for my 92 with 90,000 miles but I had it checked out and it is in very good mech condition.
Good Luck With your possible 91




First of all make sure it doesn't have 150,000. If the records are there you should be set but shady used car dealers can try to pull anything. I just got a 94xlt with 59,000 and every factory option but leather for $9500. It was private sale with all records. It was garaged and 100% like new. I am in MA and that was the trade in on such a vehicle. Another 94 Sport I looked at was at a dealer and they were asking 14,000. I noted that they picked it up at an auction after the dealer said it was a trade in. They left the auction receipt in the glove compartment. After test driving it I noted how clunky the tranny was and took off quick after. It takes time but good deals come up all the time.


Jared Bancroft

I have recently purchased a 91 eddie bauer with 79k miles for $6900, you just need to watch for deals. If you have an auto trader in your area it is a great place to find deals.
Good Luck




I just paid $7000 for a 92XLT with 103k miles, in perfect condition, with the exception of a key scratch down the passenger side (touch up paint until I can get it repainted..) and brand new tires(cheap AllCountry AS radials). But every single thing on this thing works perfectly and it runs great. 16 mpg city and 19 freeway.


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