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buying new rims

Hi all,

I will be purchasing new rims for my 96 explorer here soon. I know the stock rims are 15x7, i was looking through a 4x4 mag this weekend, and notice that most places that sell the tires and rims together sell 15x8 if the tire is a 31x10.5x15. That is what I have.

So should I go with the 15x8 or the 15x7 rims.

Thanks for any help

Go with 15x8. That way you can upgrade to a wider tire down the road if you wanna!

I too have a question....I will be getting 35x12.5's in the next week or so.

I was thinking I was going to get 15x10's but I'm not sure, some people have said to get the 8's because it'll narrow the tire or something, created less rub, not sure on that either...hehehe.

So would it be better to go with the 10's or the 8's I'll be doing some off raoding, mostly daily driver, but definately will be doing some wheelin gif that has any hting to do with it.

Greg M.