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Buying Stock 94 Explorer


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June 7, 2006
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Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
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97 Sport, 91 Samurai
Well i might be buying a 94 explorer tonight and was wondering what i should pay extra attention to when looking her over?? Also where to start with LIFTING her to the heavens ;) ;) ;) :D :D

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...The biggest thing I think I would be concerned about is the A4ld auto tranny....It cost approx $1800 just to have it rebuilt....:eek:

...Check the "How To" in my signature...;)

Definatley the tranny, make sure the od works and it hits all the gears good. Also smell the atf if it smells like burnt tires then plan on a rebuild. Make sure there's no oil leaking from the motor... All the other crap is minor and you'll wind up modifying it later anyway...

...Another thing to look at is the oil and antifreeze levels and colors...Look for white smoke on start up...The 1st gens 4.0's are known for the occasional cracked heads and bad head gaskets..:dunno:

Well i am now the PROUD owner of a 94 XL. Manual warn front hubs, Coil Front, Leaf rear. Let the MODS begin LMAO, Thinking everything from my 00 will go onto the 94 MODS wise. God i CAN'T wait to begin.... :D :D :D

Well took the new girl out today to make sure everything was working. And to my SURPRISE she works great Not bad for $400, here are a few POSER shots i took:







They don't do too bad stock eh??
What kinda build you planning on??

Well that i'm gonna keep SECRET ;) ;) for now. All i know is BIGGER is BETTER, & i love the way these 1st Gens look BIGGER. But not OVERLY BIGGER.

im with burns, but i want first dips on humping the headlight...

that is a good score.what is the mileage, how about some interior shot's? If you keep throwing her up like that un-modded you could become a member of the rollover posse.:roll: i promise it's really good fealing just Pucker up and hold on tight.

Nice truck for the price. I own a 94 XLT and I paid $1800.00 for it from my brother-in-law and I must say that I think this truck will last forever....

Love the 1st gen as well.


Well 2" BL is here :D :D :D & can't wait to get it on the old girl to start the process. Just need the TIME & PLACE :( :(

My truck is a 94 XLT. I picked it up for $1200. 150,000 miles.

wow, 400 bucks, and I thought i did good paying 1k for my 93 with 175k on it.