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Buzzsaw's Elite Now!

Just wanted to say Yo! and finally made the plunge and decided to support the site and become a member. Been around for a while now and really enjoy the site. I drop in two to three times a day. This stuff's addictive. Here's a few pics of my Ex. What about that red paint in the engine bay? Went with red to match with the K&N Dryguard. Those stickers on the back add 30 rwhp at least. K&N, Flowmaster, and Summit racing. :cool:


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I like it. Looks good. How is that "dryguard" working for you. Great to see you as an Elite! :thumbsup:


do you like the sound of your flowmaster? im thinking about getting one.

The Dryguard works like a charm, I can take it off occasionally and clean the dust off and the filter itself looks brand new. I can't tell any difference with it on or off except it seems to keep the filter cleaner. I also love the flowmaster, I definitely would stay with either the Delta or SUV 50 series, the great low tones are there but without the highway drone. I'd say get you one, you won't be sorry.

Thanks aldive,

Adding some pics of the interior that I took today, Painted some of the trim to match the carbon fiber steering wheel cover. Used black hammered paint on the plastic trim and Vinyl color paint for the padded parts like the armrests. Also showing off the new Alpine HU. This modding stuff is more addictive than morphine. :D


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I've added a couple of Webxtreme decals to cover the Blue Ford emblems on the front and back. The blue just looked out of place with all the tan and black and grey I had going:


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