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BW-4406 Conversion Questions


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July 9, 2014
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1998 Mercury Mountaineer
1. I lost the bolt that secures the shift lever to the linkage. I can't seem to find out what thread it is. Any ideas?

2. The front conversion joint is longer than my original stock u-joint. It is about a half inch longer (see picture). Because of this it will not fit into the front differential flange because of the lock tabs (see picture). Am I supposed to grind out the lock tabs or something?

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Looks like you have the short side of the cross it the driveshaft, switch it and see if it fits

Thank you! Thought of that early on, just wasn't paying attention when I put it in ... problem already fixed. Ready for install in the AM.

One problem down... one to go.

So now I have attempted to put in the front driveshaft that I got form a 1999 F-150 4.6L. It seems to be a few mm too long... I just can't it in. Any ideas?

Anybody have one out that they can measure? Or does anybody know the length it is supposed to be?

Now I have a wiring issue also. I have two wires that come from the transfer case. One is grey, the other is blue/black. I have located the grey and the blue/black wires from the dash also.

When I touch the grey to the grey in 4wd high, the 4wd high light comes on. This is good.

When I touch the blue/black to the blue/black. Nothing happens no matter what gear I am in.

When I touch the grey to the blue/black in 4wd low, the 4wd low light comes on. I'm confused.

The grey wire from the transfer case needs to be hooked up to the grey and blue/black wire from the dash? and the blue/black wire from the transfer case does nothing....