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BW 4406 stuck in low


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February 2, 2009
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97 5.0 4wd
Hi guys, i just made a post about converting over to 2wd to get my explorer going. The problem i have is my transfer case (4406) is stuck in low gear no matter where the shifter is. I have been driving around for over a year in 2wd mode with just a rear driveshaft, and everything was fine.

Around 4 months ago, the case was making some clicking type noises at low speed, but i could not figure out exactly what the problem was. The trans fluid was good in the case, and everything seemed fine. Finally last weekend, i was getting ready to come off the highway (it splits to a road, and the atlantic city expressway), and I'm guessing the transfer case went into neutral. I was unable to move at any rpm, but was able to pull off the highway and into a parking lot.

I put the trans in neutral, and got under the truck and manually shifted in all gears on the case ( dont have the linkage, just shifted by hand as i'm hardly ever in 4wd). I put the lever back to 2WD mode, and was surprised to find that i was in low gear mode. Not actually 4WD low, because i could still spin the front flange freely, but any gear i'm in is low gearing. It will still engage 4WD mode, but everything is low. Even neutral is low gear.

I am now in the process of putting my old AWD case back in and finding a rear driveshaft from the junkyard to get me driving again, as this is my daily driver.

But, i am stumped as to why this is. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to fix the issue , even if it means tearing into the case. Is there something in the case that allows for engagement of 2wd? Please help me here! Thanks!

Anyone? Has anyone heard of this problem? Where it stays in low no matter what position the shifter is in? Its not that the shifter is stuck. I am able to shift, but I am in low gear regardless of the shifter position. 2WD is low, N is low, 4H is low and 4L is low