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Bw1354 out again, shift it by hand?


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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Ok i replaced the shift motor like 4 weeks ago, and now something else isnt letting it go into 4wd or 4 low. This time isnt like the last either, im stuck at my inlaws farm, in mud up to my rear bumper. I tired to pull it out with my focus but that didnt work haha.

is there a way i can turn it by hand or socket into 4low or 4x4? what do i turn? everything bit of info will be a huge help

Well if you're bumper deep in mud you probably cannot access the shift motor very easily. to turn it by hand you have to remove the shift motor and then you'd be able to switch it with vice grips or something of that nature. your best bet is find a buddy with a truck/tractor near by and pull it out. good luck man