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BWilliams' 2005 Explorer XLT "Illusion"

I've been Elite for quite a while, but I haven't gotten around to posting an Elite Registry yet. So, here we go!

2005 FORD Explorer XLT "Illusion"

Originally got the truck in November 2006... early model 2005 with 32.5k on the clock... truck came stock with:
  • 4.0L V6
  • 4x4
  • Silver Berch Metallic exterior, grey interior.
  • Sport Package (17" wheels, dark metallic lower trim, dark metallic step bars)
  • Leather seats (power driver)
  • Message Center
  • Audiophile audio system (6-disk in-dash + sub)
  • AdvanceTrac with RSC
  • Tow package


Exterior Mods:
  • Main and Bumper billet grilles
  • Black headlights
  • Black corners with Silverstar bulbs
  • Fog lights upgraded to 9005 bulbs
  • Westin Ultimate Bull Bar
  • PIAA 520 ATP lights mounted on bull bar
  • LED Daytime Running Lamps
  • Chrome B-pillar trim
  • 2x Diamond 2m/70cm NMO antennas
  • Removed roof rack

  • Wood Dash Kit from WoodDashExperts
  • LED interior map/dome/cargo lights
  • Cobra radar detector hard-mounted above mirror
  • Yaesu FT-8800 2m/70cm mobile radio (voice radio)
  • Yaesu FT-1900 2m mobile radio with TinyTrak TNC (APRS radio)
  • Radio Shack 8w amplified speaker for the FT-8800.










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...:thumbsup:...nice truck and i like what you have done to it...:D

Looks nice.

How are the quality of the dash and 'B' pillar kits?

:thumbsup: Thanks, guys.

The dash kit is an EXTREMELY good kit.. pricey, but it looks perfectly stock (everything pretty much thinks that it is stock), and holds up extremely well. The B-pillar kit doesn't line up perfectly (there's a tiny bit on the top that overlaps the weatherstripping), but unless you walk right up to the truck, you can't tell.

Where'd you get them and how much, if I may ask?

The dash kit is plastic I assume? Nice and thick? held on with ___________

The pillar kit, is it plastic or actually metal and how is it held on?

Dash kit I got from .. I think it was like 300 bucks for that kit. Yes, it is plastic. And it's held on by 3M double-sided tape (extremely strong)

The pillar kit was off eBay, 40 bucks. Also plastic, held on by 3M tape.

Is lowering in its future?

Is lowering in its future?

No sir. I got an SUV instead of a car since living in Buffalo means that I need all the ground clearance I can get, since we've got lots of snow up here.

As much as I like a few of the lowered 3rd-gens on the board, she's staying at stock height. I plan to eventually get the full-length running boards from the EB/Limited, though, so I suspect that'll give it the impression that it's lower.

You might want to consider slightly larger diameter tires with the new wheels, just to help fill in the wheel wells a little more...just a suggestion, might look bad anyway:dunno:

Yeah, that's always a thought. Tires will need replacing next year since they're going to end up failing inspection next year (they'll pass this year, I think), so even if I get the new wheels now, I can always have them throw on a larger tire when they come due for replacement.

looks nice keep up the good work

Lots of updates ... see main post. :D

Radios, bull bar, and lights.

I like those led drls...nice ex