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bypass compressor pully with shorter serpintine belt


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October 29, 2007
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warner robins, ga
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1997 mercury mountaineer
I was wondering if I could bypass the pulley/clutch by just getting a shorter serpintine belt and not loop it around this part. Would my car still run? do I have enough clearance in every spot to do this? would it mess anything up?
oh, I have a 97 merc mountaineer v8 5.0L

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Welcome to this forum! You have to get a belt from a model not equipped with A/C.

I bypassed the ac compressor using a shorter belt about a year ago, and I'm still running fine. I disconnected the wiring to the compressor and don't put the climate control on A/C.

I am curious, why would you want to do this?

Thanks ...

You can do this, but A/C will not function!

thank you

Just a quick thanks for the info on the shorter belt. Exactly what I was looking for!! Should have it done by the weekend.


Welcome to this forum!

I know you can bypass the ac compresser on a 2000 5.0 with a 84in belt works perfect.