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Bypass hoses


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April 15, 2015
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98 Ford Explorer Limited
I have a 97 Mountaineer 5.0 and I need to replace my thermostat and gasket. I also wanted to replace the bypass hoses. When I search for them online, it only shows 1. It's hard to tell from the picture which hose it's showing, but it looks like the one that goes from the water pump to the coolant pipe under the intake. Does anyone know where I can find both hoses? (the hose that goes to the coolant pipe and the hose that goes to the thermostat housing) Or maybe have a part number for them? Thanks

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Water pump to thermostat housing is L shaped hose shown as bypass hose on rockauto.

For the water pump to heater tube you need some 5/8" hose and cut it to length yourself.

The pump to housing is listed in "cooling system"

The pump to heater tube is actually heater hose, so it is listed in heating and cooling under heater hose-pipe

Hope this helps

Thanks! That does help. I'll pick up the by-pass hose at AutoZone. I have some heater hose. so I'll just use that for the other

good part is with these engines and their age, i dont feel as obligated to go oe and sometimes i just MacGyver a fix, using what extra metal and other junkk i have laying around the garage (i used to have more before i got my new car and filled up the rest of the garage lol)

I'm the same way. I really like the vehicle, but it's just a backup. The only time I go OEM is on something that's somewhat involved. Such as lower ball joints

of course... considering how many oe parts i put in until i got my new car, i probably couldve bought another explorer, and gone non oe lol