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C.L. scam ?


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July 29, 2002
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'94 XLT Sport, 5 Spd
I like to think I'm pretty scam savvy but I think this one got me LOL

Ad on the local CL offering free boat and trailer but they admit it's in sad shape and does not run or have any paperwork. Around here that how folks get rid of junk instead of hauling it to the dump. But I thought I'd like to try using the trailer for another project so I E-mailed them.

No answer for a week. OK, somebody else got it. No problem maybe next time. Today I get this E-mail...

"Well I have had one person after another tell me they were coming and have not showed up so I am just going down the list so I will add you in line and let you know. If you want to see pics you can go to our site carinsurancesalvage.com and there is a link at the top that will take you to the cars and it is listed with a zero price in the listings. I just sent this out to everyone that had emailed me at once because I dont have time to email 400 ppl back one at a time but I will just go down the list until someone shows up."

It sounded odd that they had a website but OK, I'll try a little more for a freebie, greed is a terrible thing you know. I copied and pasted the link and a professional looking site pops up and it DOES have a tab for cars for sale so I clicked. That took me to another page that says "ADS by GOOGLE" . No pics, no cars listed, just links for insurance and such. GROAN

So I guess the scammers made a few pennies off me when I clicked on their site.

Your thoughts ?

Josh P

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February 18, 2015
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Odds are if you generated enough interest to get 400 responses, one would bite. I doubt the price is too high...

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