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c1145, c1234 again/2004 4.0 XLT

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March 11, 2021
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98 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey guys, I need some help from someone that knows more than me....I've searched forums and have found no answer. I have had these two codes haunting me, and i can't figure it out. I'm about to just replace the entire brake system. I recently had the ABS light come on. When i would be coming to a slow stop, the brakes would release and catch again. Almost like they're pulsating. Heard a weird noise coming from the front end. When i got home i hooked up the scanner and got ABS codes c1145 & c1234. Naturally, i replaced the entire hub assembly as they come with new sensors preinstalled. Thought i would be good, but even with the new hub/sensor, i'm still throwing the same codes and nothing has changed. Could this be a symptom of a different problem all together? Bad caliper? Master Cylinder? Brake booster? Any help would be appreciated, as my wife drives this vehicle with our child and i can't have it doing this. Please help.

You need to test the wiring from the ABS module to the sensor plug for the RH front sensor chances are there's a issue somewhere in that harness.