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Cage building?


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September 1, 2006
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Cameron Park, CA
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94' XLT
I am about ready to start building my cage for the x. I just have a few questions before I start so I can get what I really want. I would like to tie the cage into the frame. So should I just cut holes in the floor and weld it straight to the frame? I have seen some people bolt a plate to the floor and welt to that then under the truck they have another plate directly below the first plat and then a piece to the frame. So both the body and the frame are all tied together with the cage. Would this be a better way to go? Or should I just bolt it to the floor and don't tie it in to the frame at all? I know you socal cage builders did it this way.

How are your are seats and belts going to be tied in? To the cage, or to the body?

If to the body, I'd tie the body to the cage and then to the frame.

If to the cage, punching holes through the body to mount is also fine.

Tieing the body to the cage also stiffens up the body.

Well I would like to eventually tie the belts to the cage along with the seats.